State of Utah Documents

Court Document AG Price Court Fee
Quick Claim Deed $ 25 Varies
Restore Maiden Name $ 25 Free
90 day Waiting Period Waiver $ 25 Free
Parent Education Class Waiver $ 25 Free
Simple Wills $ 50 Free
Eviction $ 50 Varies
Small Claims $ 50 Varies
Answer to Summons $ 75 Free
Change Name $ 75 $ 368
Divorce Stipulation $ 125 $ 100
Annulment $ 175 $ 318
Divorce with no kids $ 175 $ 318
Divorce with kids $ 225 $ 318
Legal Separation, aka Separate Maintenance $ 175-225 $ 318
Custody $ 175-225 $ 310
Expungement $ 125 $ 135
Step-Parent Adoption $ 125 $ 360
Guardianship $ 125 $ 360
Order to Show Cause $ 125 Free
Qualified Domestic Relation Order - QDRO $ 300 N/A

  In addition to the cost of preparing the forms and the filing fee, there may be an extra expense, depending upon the specifics of your case. For example, if the other party that need to sign the documents -known as the Respondent- is not readily available to sign, the services of a Constable or a Sheriff might be required. In the case of a Divorce with minor children, the parents must take a Parenting Education and Divorce Education class, at a cost of $ 55 per person. Also please keep in mind that the Court fee is payable at the time of filing and that the price of the waivers quoted here usually applies when they are prepared in connection with a Divorce case.

Federal Court Documents

Court Document AG Price Court Fee
Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Petition $ 295 $ 335

  In the course of the Bankruptcy process, there are two courses that are mandatory: The first is called "Credit Counseling" or Pre-Filing, and the "Debtor Education" or Pre-Discharge course. Their cost varies with the different organizations that provide them but it should be in the $20 to $50 range, for both of them.

  Please Note: While the price for the Court's fee are deemed accurate at the time of its publication here, It is the client's responsibility to ensure that this information is accurate and appropriate for their case. For a list of Utah Court Filing prices, please visit the UT Courts website or click here.